Frequently Asked Questions

Candibell Setup
What's do I need to set up my Candibell?
  • Free Candibell mobile app for Android or iOS, free to download from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
  • At least one Candibell Hub
  • At least one Candibell Sensor
  • Stable Wi-Fi connection for the Hub
  • A product that you want to track and setup for speedy reorder, from a participating retailer.
How do I subscribe to a product?
  • If you are setting up your account for the first time on the Candibell mobile app, you will be prompted with a window to enter a Merchant Code. This is a short, 3-7 letter code the retailer has sent to you via email. If you do not remember the code, simply ask the seller for it.
  • If you want to add a new merchant or remove a subscription, navigate to Setting -> View Merchant Center and follow the instructions to complete the process.
How do I set up a Candibell Hub?
  • Open the Candibell app and navigate to the "Add New Hub" page. If you are setting up a brand new account, you will be prompted with this page during setup.
  • Next, select the Wifi SSID that you would like your Hub to connect to. On Android, you can select one from the list of SSIDs the app finds. On iOS, the Wifi your iPhone is currently connected to will automatically be selected. If your iPhone is not connected to Wifi, please connect your iPhone to Wifi first. **The Candibell Hub currently works with 2.4G Wifi band only.
  • Enter the password for the selected Wifi SSID. The app is now in standby mode and is searching for your Candibell Hub. Stay on this page.
  • Plug your Hub in. As soon as Hub is powered on, you have two minutes to configure it for your account. If you want to re-configure your Hub, unplug the Hub and plug it back in, and you will have another 2 minutes to configure it.
  • Move your phone closer to the Hub. The app will connect to your Hub and complete the setup. If you want to set up another Hub, simply repeat the above process.
  • Press "Done" once you have finished setting up all your Hubs.
How to setup Candibell Sensor?
  • Open the Candibell mobile app and navigate to the "Set up Candibell Sensor" section. If you are setting up a brand new account, you will be prompted with this page during setup.
  • Press on Sensor's button once to wake up the sensor from sleep.
  • Move your phone close to the sensors. The app automatically detects nearby sensors and registers them. A registered sensor prompt you to "Link to product."
  • Click on "Link to product" to link a sensor to a product that you want to manage. You will be presented with a list of products your provider sells, with the product information for you to confirm.
  • Repeat the above steps to set up additional Sensors. When you are done with Sensor setup, click "Done".
Operate Candibell Sensor
How to track product consumption?
  • Each sensor comes with an attachment accessory, e.g. silicone case with elastic band, suction cup, or clip. Attach the sensor onto the product with help of one of the accessories. The sensor should be attached to the product stably so motion and movement applied to the product itself can be measured by the sensor accurately.
  • Double-click on the sensor's button to reset its timer and start a new tracking cycle
  • You will hear a long beep and the sensor starts tracking consumption of the corresponding product from 100%.
How to manually make an order?
  • Hold the button for 5 seconds to register a manual reorder of the same product. The order will be sent to the merchant for processing.
  • A notification will be sent to your Candibell mobile application as well.
  • You can track the status of this order by checking the tracking detail page from your Candibell mobile app. As soon as the order status is updated by your merchant, you will be able to see it.
How to replace battery?
  • It's unlikely you will need to replace the your battery because our product is very battery efficient and typically last for 2 years. In case your sensor runs out of battery:
  • Remove the Sensory from its silicon case.
  • Remove the bottom panel by rotating it counter-clockwise
  • Replace the battery.
How to link a sensor to a different product?
  • First unlink the sensor with its existing product. You can do so by going to the product detail panel by selecting the sensor from the main page on Candibell mobile app.
  • After that, link the sensor to a new product. You can do so by clicking on the sensor from the main page.
  • After sensor is linked to a new product, you will need to re-start the sensor's tracking in order for the new setting to be effective. When you are ready, attach the sensor to the new product, then double-click on the sensor's button to start tracking this new product.
How do I identify a sensor in app and on website if I have many sensors?
  • You can identify sensor from the product it is tracking. We display product information and picture next to each sensor on mobile app and on our website's monitoring panel. You can correlate that information with physical product the sensor is attached with.
  • Each sensor is laser embossed with an identifier. This identifier is also displayed within Candibell mobile app and on our website to help you easily identify each sensor you have at home.
Product Tracking and Monitoring
How does Candibell estimate consumption and what's the advantage?
  • Candibell estimates product consumption by analyzing gesture and motion when you touch and consume a product.
  • Our patent-pending technology relates these low-level motion information to a depletion model which can predict the product's consumption level. You can think about Candibell sensor as an activity tracker like a Fitbit or Garmin running watch. These instruments estimate energy and calories burned during a work out by indirectly measure a number of indicators such as your running pace, cadence and heart rate. Candibell sensors apply similar principle to estimate product consumption using efficient pattern recognition algorithm and mathematical model.
  • The model is self-calibrating and is general. It can work with many different types of products, Vitamin, Detergent, Shampoo, Cosmetic Products, Wine, etc, and is not necessarily limited to any specific material form or product group.
How do I read my consumption estimates on Candibell mobile app?

You can read consumption estimate for all products you are actively tracking using the Candibell mobile app. For each product, the following information is displayed:

  • Temperature
  • Estimate of percentage of remaining
  • Number of consumptions since the beginning of current tracking cycle
  • Time since last consumption event
  • Estimate of time till your next order
  • If an order was placed for the current tracking cycle, date and status of this order
How do I read my consumption estimates on Candibell web monitoring panel?

The same set of information is available to view on Candibell website. You will need to sign in using your Candibell account and credential, then navigate to Setting -> Sensor & Hub to view your current list of sensor and their status.

Order a product using Candibell
When does Candibell generate a new order for me?

Candibell generate a new order for you using one of the three ways:

  • When you have automatic reorder turned on and your product is running low (e.g. less than 15%)
  • When you manually initiate a reorder through Candibell sensor by long button press
  • Or for those of us who love programming, when you initiate a reorder through Candibell SDK and RESTful API)
How do I initiate a manual reorder using Candibell sensor?

Press and hold on the sensor's button for 5 seconds until the sensor ring, indicating success.

  • A push notification will be sent to your mobile phone
  • Repeated manual order will be filtered. Once a manual reorder is registered, subsequent manual reorder will be ignored for 48 hours.
How does automatic reorder work?
  • Candibell maintains a virtual depletion model in the cloud for every sensor. You consume your product the normal way you do, and Candibell keeps track of the quantity remaining and initiates a reorder at the appropriate time so you do not run out the product, and you do not over stock the product.
  • By default the automatic reorder is enabled. You can disable the auto reorder feature by going to the "Manage Subscriptions" on your mobile app and on the Candibell website. Once the "subscription" is paused, no reorder will be initiated automatically regardless of quantity remaining.
Can I disable automatic reorder?
  • By default the automatic reorder is enabled. You can disable the auto reorder feature by going to the "Manage Subscriptions" on your mobile app and on the Candibell website. Once the "subscription" is paused, no reorder will be initiated automatically regardless of quantity remaining.
  • You can enable the automatic record at any time by going to the "Manage Subscriptions" on your mobile app and on the Candibell website. Please be aware if the product that you are tracking is already running low, enabling the automatic reorder at this moment will likely trigger an order after the next time you consume the product the next time.
How many automatic reorder does Candibell issue?
  • Candibell will issue at most one reorder in any one tracking cycle. A tracking cycle starts when you double-press on the sensor's button, and ends when you double-press on the sensor's button again to start a new tracking cycle.
  • If the automatic reorder for the product is paused, Candibell will not issue reorder, regardless of product consumption, in any tracking cycle.
  • You can however, place a manual reorder at any time by long press the sensor's button. The manual order will still be registered, when automatic reorder is disabled.
How does Candibell protect from accidentally issuing too many reorder?
  • Candibell will only register at most one reorder within any 48 hour window and send the information along to the merchant to fulfill. This includes orders with any triggering type, automatic determined, manual order, or SDK registered.
  • Any attempt to register an order within 48 hours window will be ignored and will not be metered for billing.
Will Candibell make an automatic reorder after I placed a manual order?

No, automatic reorder will be skipped if any order is already placed for the current tracking cycle. Candibell's auto reorder feature will be engaged again at the next, a new, tracking cycle.

How do I know if the order was received by my merchant?
  • If you subscribed to Candibell Vitamin and Supplement service, you will receive an email confirmation as well as a push notification on your phone. The order detail can also be viewed on the Candibell website after you sign in.
  • If you subscribed to another provider or merchant, you can track the status of your order by clicking into the product detail page on Candibell mobile app. The latest order status will be shown and will be updated as soon as the merchant update the status on our Candibell merchant center. The merchant will separately inform you throughout the fulfillment process.
What is the operating temperature of Candibell Sensor?


What is the battery life of Candibell Sensor?

2 years

What can I do if I lost my sensor?

Remove the sensor from your account to prevent anyone from making an order. You can do so by navigate to setting page on your Candibell mobile app. Once the sensor is removed from your account, no automatic or manual order can be registered via this sensor for your account.

Typically 2 years in room temperature. The sensor uses the standard CR2032 battery which can be found commonly in store.

What is the working distance between Candibell Sensor and Hub?

200 feet in clear sight. The actual working distance depending on obstacles in between and material of these obstacles. Consider an additional Hub if you have a large house, or have sensors spread on multiple floors.

What is the communication protocol between Sensor and Hub?

Bluetooth Low Energy with custom protocol.

Is there a limit on how many Sensors each Hub can support?


Where is your company located?

We are located in Andover, Massachusetts.

Candibell for Business
What is Candibell for Business?

Candibell for Business helps merchants to increase customer loyalty and drive sales by offering Candibell IoT platform and Candibell hardware as a service. Candibell helps your customer to keep track of their product consumption and either intelligently place a reorder when the product is depleting, or conveniently via a quick button press, with all sales going through your branded store.

What are the integration options?
  • We offer two options. In option 1, you define the set of products that you sell and reserve a number of Candibell Sensor and Hub. Your customer will use the standard Candibell mobile app available in Google Play Store or Apple App Store to configure the Sensor and Hub, and to link them to products that you sell. You will be notified and billed only when a new order is registered by Candibell sensor and needs to be fulfilled by you. Registration for this option requires little to no engineering work and can be completed via Candibell Merchant Portal in 15 minutes.
  • In option 2, you define the set of products that you sell and reserve a number of Candibell Sensor and Hub, either via Candibell Merchant Portal or via an API. You integrate Candibell API and SDK into your system and mobile app. Your customers use your app and website to configure Candibell Sensor and Hub, and to link them to products that you sell. You will be notified by API when a new order is registered by Candibell sensor and needs to be fulfilled by you.
What are the pricing options?

We offer tiered pricing options. There is a cost for Candibell Sensor and Hub, and when a new order is registered by Candibell Sensor. The price for hardware and metering rate depend on how many Candibell Sensor you deploy. When the number of sensors deployed is low, we charge a regular price for Candibell hardware and the metering rate for each new customer order is free. As more sensors are deployed, we subsidize part of the hardware cost, and start to meter each new product order. The more sensors you deploy, the more we subsidize and the lower metering rate is applied.

Why the metering rate is zero for the 1st tier?

This is a tier largely for testing by merchant. We charge for full cost of the hardware within this tier. There is no additional cost to you when new product order is initiated via Candibell sensor.

Setup Merchant Account
What is a provider ID?

A provider ID is a unique short string, consisting of 3-6 case insensitive letters. Your customer will use this code to subscribe to you as a merchant. After that they can link Candibell sensors to products that you sell.

Do I need to add a credit card to test my merchant account?

As long as you stay in Tier 1, there is no cost for you to test Candibell for your merchant account. A credit card and valid shipping address are needed when you reserve any number of Candibell Sensor or Hub under your account.

What is merchant key?

We automatically generate a merchant key for you when you create your merchant account. This key is used when you make API request to Candibell service platform. You will not need to use this key if your integration option does not use our API.

Do you support 2nd factor authentication?

2nd factor authentication will be added soon.

Why do you need my store name and description?

This information will be displayed to user when they subscribe to your store. Useful information such as customer and order support contact should be included in the description.

What new order notification should I choose?

You must select between Email and API for notification or new product order. If you select "Email", then information about every new product order will be sent to you via email, including the customer's email and product information. If you select "Callback URL", then you will be notified for each new product order, as well as other events such as tracking start, new consumption events, usage idle event. It is up to you what to do with these types of real-time customer usage information. You will need to specify your call back url as well as authentication key if you select "Callback URL".

What events are posted to my Callback Url?

Start of new tracking cycle, sensor going into sleep, new consumption event, sensor being idle for a specified time, new order

Does Candibell charge customer on my behalf for products I sell?

Yes, it is an option you can enable on the profile page within merchant center. Once enabled, we will charge customer for the product price you defined. The money will be deposited to your account immediately for payout. There is a cost for card processing of 2.9% + 30c.

How do I setup a Stripe account to receive payout?

When you enable Candibell to charge customer for your products, you will need to setup an account on Stripe. If you already have a Stripe account you can log in on the redirect prompt. If you do not have a Stripe account, simply fill up the form and Stripe will create a new account for you. Please make sure you provide correct information on your tax and banking. If you are a cooperate, make sure your federal EIN and your contact information are correct. At the end of the process, you will be redirected back to Candibell merchant center.

How do I review my payout and process refund?

You can review your payouts and process refund within the Stripe account you used to link to Candibell. Payouts are posted to your Stripe account in real time.

I want to use a different Stripe account to receive payout, what do I do?

First you need to unlink your current Stripe account from Candibell by toggling the "Charge & Payout" option. Then turn on this option and follow the setup link to link to a different Stripe account.

Reserve Candibell Equipment
Is there a minimal quantity that I need order?


How long does it take to receive the hardware after I place my order?

For smaller quantity, it usually takes 3 days or less. For higher volume, please contact us.

Does per-sensor cost decrease as I order more?

When you specify a number of Candibell Sensor and Hub to purchase, we first look at our record to see how many sensors you've purchased and deployed in the past. The price for additional sensor and hub will be based on the total number of Candibell Sensors that you purchased and deployed at that point in time.

Can I order Candibell Sensors with different attachment accessories?

Yes, you can mix and match, just follow the instruction.

I need a different way for attaching sensor to my product ?

Please contact us.

Define Products
What is External ID?

This is typically an persistent, anonymous ID you use in your system to identify the product. It is optional.

Why do I get a warning when I upload my product image?

A product image is best view in Candibell app when its a square image. You will get a warning when the ratio of the natural width and height deviates from 1 significantly. When this happens, the UI display within Candibell App is not optimal.

What is "Consumption Cycle Time"?

This is a rough estimate on the time it takes to fully consume one full package of the product. We understand this value varies depending on the household size, user habit, time of the year. An initial estimate is needed and the depletion model will calibrate itself to fit specific customer's situation over time.

How do I estimate "Number of Serving"?

This is a rough estimate of the number of total servings from one full package of the product. A single serving may include multiple capsules, tablets, or teaspoons. For example, a bottle of multivitamin has 60 capsules, the recommended dosage is two capsules before bed daily, then the total number of serving is 30. An initial estimate is needed and the depletion model will calibrate itself to fit specific customer's situation over time.

Can I change product information later?

Yes. Changes to product name, caption, description, image, price will be reflected immediately. Changes to model parameters such as "Number of Serving" and "Consumption Cycle Time" will be applied to each customer's individual model. Each customer's individual depletion model will be adjusted towards the newly specified values, however the magnitude of individual adjustment will vary. All changes to product information are subject to audit.

Can I define a product with retail price equal to zero?

Yes, the metering rate will effectively be zero with a product order with price of zero. In this case, the minimal commission rate for such product order may be applicable to your account.

What does Candibell API and SDK do?

The Candibell API and SDK allows merchant to interact with Candibell IoT platform programmatically. The API allows merchant to define and manage products they sell through Candibell sensor, associate and manage user and product with specific Candibell sensor, as well as search and manage ongoing tracking sessions and track orders generated.

The Candibell SDK allows Android and iOS mobile developers to interface with Candibell Sensor and Hub during their setup without knowing the detailed specification of Candibell Bluetooth protocol.

How to access the API?

The API is free and open to any merchant. To access the API first sign up as a merchant from the Candibell Merchant Center and then navigate to the API & SDK section.

How to test the API?

It is possible to test your integration against Candibell development server. The development server is a separate sandbox with identical logic as the production server. To switch your account to point to the development server, use the switch within the Candibell Merchant Portal. When you are transacting on Development server, you experience the same set of APIs, but no cost will incur.

How are Candibell APIs authenticated?

Candibell APIs are authenticated using your merchant key. You can view and rotate this key in the profile section of the Merchant Center.

Where can I get a detailed API documentation?

An interactive Swagger-based description can be found in the Merchant Center. You will need to create a merchant account and sign in to view the documentation.

What are the callback APIs?

If you choose notification be sent to your callback Url, events such as new order, start of tracking, new consumption will be posted to the URL you specify. You will need to implement your own logic - the implementation of these callback APIs to handle these events.

How are the callback APIs authenticated?

We currently support simple HTTP authentication. When posting to your callback URL, the "Authorization" header will be populated with your callback API's key. You can specify this key under the profile section in the Merchant Center.

How am I notified with new order?

It depends on what your notification setting. You will either get an email with details about the order, or be notified on your callback API.

How soon go I get notified after an order is placed by Candibell sensor?

In real time.

How do I update order status in your system?

The status for each order can be updated from Merchant Center or via Candibell Order API. If your customer is using Candibell mobile app, and when you update the order status, the corresponding display will also be updated in the Candibell mobile app.

How do I search for orders?

You can search and view all of your orders from Candibell Merchant Center, or via Order API.

My customers are using Candibell app to setup the Sensor and Hub. How are my customers identified when they place an order?

Customers are identified using their email. Please instruct your customer to sign up Candibell using the email that you use to identify your customer.

As a merchant, can I cancel an order?

If you are unable to fulfill the order, you may mark the order' status as CANCELLED. Your customer will be able to see the status from the Candibell mobile app. We recommend you notify your customer on a separate channel as well.

What do I do after I am notified with a new order?

You should complete the payment process and fulfillment process. For example, if your customer already have a credit card on file in your system, you should complete a charge to the card, fulfill the order and notify your customer with email or text message. There is no change to the fulfillment and order processing procedures after you receive an order notification from Candibell.

Product Usage Analytics
What usage analytics data can I view?

For every product that you list on Candibell for sell, you can query, in real-time, usage and consumption information from your customers. This includes number of consumption since the beginning of tracking cycle, last consumption time, estimated quantity remaining as well as prediction of time of the next order.

Can I view usage data for a selected group of my users?

Yes. You can query manually within the Candibell Merchant Center, or use the Session API to query programmatically.

Can I view usage analytics data of products offered by another merchant?

You can only view and query for usage analytics data for products that you sell, and for which any users are tracking.

Why there are invoices with $0 amount?

We still send out invoice to each merchant even when no cost was incurred in the last billing cycle.

How is my billing cycle determined?

Your billing cycle starts on the first day you sign up as a Candibell merchant. Your invoice will be billed monthly from the credit card you filed with us.

How do I pay an invoice if the automatic credit card charge failed?

We will try to charge to your card again. You can view invoices that are past due, and follow the payment link to manually pay the invoices.

Can I view cost of service for the current billing cycle?

Yes, you can do that under the billing section in Merchant Center.

Is it possible to customize the color of the Sensor?

We can order specific color of Sensor and/or silicone cases at a modest fee. The quantity of sensor you are ordering needs to be at least in the Ks.

Can I use my merchant name and Logo on Sensors that I order?

Yes, the quantity of sensor you are ordering needs to be at least in the Ks. There will be a lead time for tooling preparation and a fee to cover the cost and labor.

I love the concept of Candibell, but the size and attachment method do not work well for my products, can I order the Sensor in specific form factors?

Absolutely, love to hear your requirements. Please contact us.