Remote Usage Monitoring And Analytics
Remote Care / Medication Adherence / Abuse Prevention / Accountability
Manage All Customers From One Dashboard
Candibell analytics dashboard display all of your customers in a simple list view, each with latest consumption information as well as any anomalies. Operators can quickly tell which customer just missed a dosage or overdosed, as well as any notifications that were sent as a result.
Analyze Product Consumption Pattern
Operator can easily add products to track, with key attributes such as consumption cycle time, total number of servings per package, notification preferences and more. Candibell allows analyzing of the current monitoring status through multiple perspectives, either based on a product, a customer, or a specific tracking/historical session.
Real-Time, Disaggregated And Insightful Data
With pioneering sensory technology, Candibell provides the most comprehensive and insightful usage data analytics in today's remote monitoring market. Operators can view the list of sensors and hubs as well as their corresponding information and past tracking sessions. Alert is automatically generated when a defined event is observed, such as dosage missing. Order for replenishement is automated and sent to operator's email or call back API.
Understand Your Customer
With Candibell, information for each consumption event is logged and viewable by operators. But, that is not all. We help operators better understand customers, beyond just merely tracking usages.
Product supply remaining is constantly estimated. Consumption patterns, such as frequency, usage time in a day, product cycle time, usage consistency and much more are estimated and ready from the dashboard.
Seamless, Complete, Remote Monitoring Solution
Candibell Hub
Packaged Food & Drink
House Cleaners & Detergent
Skin Care & Cosmetics
Vitamins & Supplements
Pet Nutrition & Supplies

Candibell Hubs in kitchen and attic

Skin care products in bathroom

Vitamins in bedroom

Pet food in living room

Household products in laundry room

Food products in kitchen

For A Variety of Products
Setup monitoring and reminder for a variety of products including medication, packaged food, pet supplies and more. Whether you are seeking to better understand customers for your products, setting up remote care for your loved ones, or promote drug adherence, be that for one customer or a few thousands, Candibell can serve your needs to satisfaction.
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