Introducing Candibell

Candibell combines IoT, sensory technology, pattern recognition as well as mathematical modeling to solve commerce automation. Candibell sensors keep track of consumption of your favorite products and intelligently reorder them at just the right time. With our patent-pending technology, you will never run out of the products you love, and never over-stock. Your favorite products are always freshly delivered just in time.

Future of E-Commerce: Commerce Automation in a Connected Home

Commerce automation frees the customer from needing to remember to restock. Today's technology has been focusing on easing the purchase experience, making products more accessible and buying more convenient, but the cognitive burden to determine when and what to order is still on customer.

Candibell's IoT platform and technology allow customers to automate their restocking process. This helps support a more accurate e-commerce subscription service based on supply remaining, as opposed to the existing simple time-based model. Whether you order your own Candibell tracking device to manage your favorite products, or are given a set to try along with a new purchase, you will love this intuitive and effortless e-commerce experience.

Candibell Hub
Packaged Food & Drink
House Cleaners & Detergent
Skin Care & Cosmetics
Vitamins & Supplements
Pet Nutrition & Supplies

Candibell Hubs in kitchen and attic

Skin care products in bathroom

Vitamins in bedroom

Pet food in living room

Household products in laundry room

Food products in kitchen

Predicting Supply Through Movement Analysis

Candibell works by analyzing your gestures when you use and consume a product, and then relating that motion data to a depletion model.

The model predicts how much of the product is left, and is self-calibrating as you use Candibell to monitor and track product consumption.

New Supply Arrives at Just the Right Time

When the model determines that the product is running low, the system automatically places a new replenishment order on your behalf.

The order then gets delivered straight to you, just in time as the old supply runs out.

Reorder at Your Fingertips

Not only can Candibell place a new order when you are running low, you can also manually reorder at any time by pressing and holding on the sensor's button. The automatic reorder feature is then temporarily suspended for the current tracking session.

Reorder products quickly without going online or even launching an app. Once an order is placed with Candibell, a push notification and email confirmation will be sent to you.

Compatible with Your Products

Candibell sensors are designed to work with multiple types of products. It adapts to a variety of situations and provides adequate and stable mounting solutions for small and large containers alike, such as jars, bottles, bags, and more.

Please visit our For Business section for additional information.

Monitor Your Usage & Manage Your Order

Candibell's sensors and mobile app monitor your product usage and display key information such as time of last consumption, estimated amount of product remaining, expected date for your next order and more.

With Candibell, you can subscribe to your favorite products, manage your payments and orders, and monitor your usage. No need to worry about restocking - we will replenish your products when they're running low. You can accomplish these tasks with the help of our intuitive mobile app (free on iOS and Android), as well as an easy-to-use customer website.

How to Use Candibell?
Candibell's setup process is quick and easy. You subscribe to a seller, and then link sensors to products from the seller. The initial setup is done once, after that you can start tracking and order products using Candibell.
Subscribe To A Seller
Subscribe to a seller by entering the seller's invitation code using the Candibell mobile app. Your seller will provide the code to you along with your free Candibell sensor and hub.
Setup Candibell Sensor & Hub
Setup Candibell sensor and hub, which you can do by using the free Candibell mobile app. During the setup, you will connect the hub to your home Wi-Fi network and link each sensor to a specific product that you want to monitor and reorder.
Attach Sensor To Product
Attach sensor to the product and start tracking by double-press on the sensor's button; you will hear a long beep indicating the start of a new tracking session. You will repeat this step for every new supply of the product.
During Tracking & Reorder
Consume the product as you would normally do, Candibell sensor will monitor each consumption event in the background and keeps track of the quantity remaining. Candibell sensor will beep once after each recognized consumption event. When the sensor determines the product is depleting, an order will be placed for you automatically. You can place a manual order at any time by long press for 4 seconds.
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