Toolbox for remote usage monitoring of physical things
A plug-and-play solution for real-time monitoring of physical commodities
Candibell Sensors monitor and track movements of target objects. Motion data is recorded and sent to our cloud computing platform through a dedicated Candibell Hub or a smart phone. Real-time usage information is estimated and accessible from the dashboard or via API to your system.
Candibell monitoring-as-a-service
What you get from our usage and access monitoring service:
For an individual
  • Usage log with time stamp
  • Sensor and Hub management
  • Supply remaining estimate
  • Frequency and time analysis
  • Event log
  • Reminders
For business
  • Customer geolocations
  • Popular products
  • Sensor and Hub management
  • Adherence by products
  • Active customers
  • Complete usage log for all customers

Safety and Access

Gun, poisonous chemical, additives and valuable commodity's storage and access

Medication Adherence

Remind patient and notify care provider if missing a dose or an insulin shot

E-Commerce Automation

Usage-based replenishment & revenue generation for brands and retailer

Abuse Prevention

Prevent substance abuse by alerting when they are over-consumed

Market Research

Product trial and customer engagement with real-time feedback

Supply Management

Estimate uses for optimal procurement
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